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How to style yourself Boho

Boho ChicChoose a muse:
With so many fashion forward females to assess and then steal their style; never be above pinch elements of their signature looks. The Olsen twins large sized hobo handbags are a must for some. Kate Moss’ long natural tresses for someone else. Sienna is still the queen of dressed up and dressed down Boho styling; adapting her look to bend to current styles yet still remaining an individual; a long pashmina here and an Indian style pair of earrings there. So pick one or many of these fashion forward females and tailor a look individual to you.

Layering the look
Please do not take this literally. You do not want to try to wear every single item that hangs in your wardrobe at once! This will not give you the effortless look that you are aspiring to. Layering different lengths of clothing and shapes of clothing become key to gaining the Boho look. The style needs tunics, layered over skinny jeans or leggings. You could equally wear a long flowing hippy styled dress cinched with a hipster, embellished belt. Play around with all your Boho and Non-Boho Clothing to practice and gain the real skill of layering and mixing to make your look complete; whilst getting the balance just right.

More, more, MORE! Is what this look needs actually I do not think that’s strong enough. It is what this look demands!

Jewelry: Anything goes. Toe rings, anklets, Beaded earrings plus headbands. Even layering multiple anklets and bracelets can bring stacks of style to even the simplest outfit.

Bags: Boho girls like bags that are soft in structure, roomy and have some quirky details to make them individual. Popular choices for fabric details are fringing and tassels. More and more Zari-worked, beaded and embroidered bags are being bought in unusual colors. They are also large sized so if you are a fan of carrying around the kitchen sink, you can.

Shoes and boots:
Sandals in summer are a must. Beaded or sequined. Butterfly or flower motifs. Or even the barefoot variety. Tan leather or Suede ankle boots in the winter teamed with a beautiful beaded or vintage inspired scarf around your neck.

You can really pull together your look with the right accessories. Never be afraid to mix and match. Remember this look is all about your style and what you feel comfortable wearing.

 Keep it natural.
This goes for hair and make up. No need for red glossed lips or faked gel talons here. However do not be fooled by the ‘natural’ make up look. It always takes more time and often more products to achieve. So many women strive for this natural look to their make-up, so unaware that it is a look that calls for flawless skin and more time at the mirror with regular touch ups. As a beauty adviser while at college I would recommend the following as a base make up kit; if you are young you will need to only prime your face with tinted moisturizers, perhaps a concealer for the odd pimple, a tanned golden blusher (a healthy glow in a pot) to sweep on the apples of your cheeks, a light gold eye shadow (trust me gold suits everybody along with fuchsia), a nude lip gloss and lastly a black mascara of top and bottom lashes. If you are older you will need a thicker foundation base, perhaps a powder and do not use anything with glitter in it you will look like a clown. Not a sought after look!

Blow dry your hair upside down and scrunch some mousse at the roots for a lift, accessorize with a glorious headband or hair accessory of your choice.

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Quick Tips on How to Dress Boho

How to Dress Boho

  1. Get a Long Peasant Skirts.
  2. Unique handmade accessories are a plus
  3. Get inspired by eastern items like handbags made of natural organic fabrics like cotton.
  4. Opt for handmade apparels and accessories. These are unique unlike the mass produced fashion that would be seen everywhere.
  5. Wear Tank tops with Batik or Tie Dye prints. Tie dye is one the most appreciated print that looks super cool.
  6. Wear chic style short dresses with skinny jeans.
  7. Take a silk Scarf.
  8. Wear loose and breathable clothes.
  9. Wear Tunic Tops.
  10. Go for ethnic looking apparels and accessories.
  11. Wear bright and vibrant colors.Natural Fabric Bags
  12. Add lot of layers and colors to your clothing.
  13. Long Tunics tops are perfect bohemian wear
  14. Skinny Jeans with boots
  15. Neutral colors of Lipstick or Lip Gloss.
  16. Wooden chunky necklace
  17. Wooden chunky bracelet
  18. Tribal style earrings
  19. Leave your hair open.
  20. Wear a headband or a forehead band
  21. Carry a Hobo Style Bag.
  22. Natural Face Make up
  23. Neutral color nail paint
  24. Wear floral print Clothes.
  25. Go for Bold Prints.
  26. Patchwork Bags look great.
  27. Anklets will add to this touch
  28. Toe rings are very Boho
  29. Add some pompom handbag charms
  30. Silk paisley scarves add to the look
  31. Wear a Tie dye Indian scarf
  32. Carry colorful embroidered Sun Umbrellas
  33.  Beaded belts made of fabrics
  34. Wear Hats
  35. Patchwork Skirts are also part of this fashion.

These are a few quick ways to make you look boho. To find some of these accessories visit

Peasant Style Skirts

AnkletsHealing Bracelet

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The Ultimate Foot Jewelry – Barefoot Anklets

Pamper your feet in style. The ultimate stylish jewelry for the foot. Wear it to a wedding or to a party, you will sure get compliments. Visit our category of Foot Accessories to find more ways to pamper your feet.


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Handmade Patchwork Cotton Skirts

Free flowing cotton fabric is used in making of these patchwork skirts. Beautiful patchwork to enhance the designs and beauty of the skirt. Perfect for that Bohemian & Hippie look.

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Skull Knuckle Clutch with 4 Finger Rings

The latest trend for those clutch purse lovers is the Skull knuckle clutch that has 4 finger rings. These look very stylish and would be head-turners. You won’t go unnoticed with these knuckle clutch purses.

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Summer Colors for my Wardrobe – Beautiful Colors of Skirts

Summer is in and its time to add colors to the wardrobe. Try some really cool peasant style skirts available at weight colorful cotton skirts with sequins and hand-printing are a must have for any boho lover. You can never have too many of these.


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Enamel Colored 10 Toe Rings

Toe rings are a must have for those perfect summer feet. Celebrate the summer in style with some real cool foot jewelry.

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Basketball Wives Inspired Earrings

For all those basketball wives series fan, who crave for those beautiful big earrings worn by the celebrities on this show now have an amazing chance to get some most beautiful earrings. We have just added some basketball wives inspired earrings to our catalog of earrings.

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